pups 25/01/2016

Eyes of the World Nothing Else Matters x It's all mine Kylie

10 pups geboren : 5 reutjes / 5 teefjes

The boy's week 7

Owner : Patsy Hoffmann, in gastgezin bij Fam.Mannaerts-Pitton (dochter) te Kortessem

Our future stud dog

rude2 rude22

Owners : Fam. Reeckmans te Kuringen

rude3 rude33

Owners : Fam. Meeus te Kontich

rude5 rude55

Owners : Fam. Timmers te Sint Lambrechts Herk

rude4 rude44

Owner : Fam. Haak-Den Dekker

"Bc kennel Borders place" te Neeroeteren

rude1 rude11

The girls week 7

This girl stays with us to complete our pack

fame1 fame11

Owners : Fam.Proot te Leffinge

fame4 fame44

stay's with us

aaaaa4 aaaaaaa

Owner : Bea Rogge te Kortessem

fame3 fame33

Owner : Linda Roozemaal te Baarland Nederland

fame5 fame55


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